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September 11, 2008

Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking is apparently all the rage.  I didn’t know what it was until last week.  I admit that I had seen all the links to Digg and, but truthfully I did not know what they were about. Clicking on links to find out is not good security practice so I just didn’t bother.

Now after having a discussion with Judy I learnt that social bookmarking is really huge. Apparently people bookmark stuff that interests them and tag/classify it and then share them amongst themselves.  In the information retrieval business this stuff is called document classification.  It’s clearly a hard thing to do in an automated fashion, but by harnessing the restless energy of the web 2.0 masses social bookmarking has become a distributed document classifcation process.  Since everyone is classifying and tagging their links and depositing the information onto a central server it makes searching that data simpler and more focussed than we could hope to achieve from a keyword search on google.

I admit now that I’m being cynical but I can’t understand how these sites manage to keep the lights on without doing advertising, or selling information.  Judy tells me there’s lots of free stuff on the web. I contend that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Now you can see that the previous post has a whole bunch of bookmarking icons.  They look like an unwanted appendage to me.  I won’t be repeating the exercise, since this blog is mostly about organising my random stuff for easier searching rather than public consumption. In fact all the sites seem to have their own bookmarklet, so the addition of the icons seems redundant.  People will bookmark if they want to.

The best part of this whole exercise is that I am reminded once again of the power of bookmarklets.  I first learnt about them when I stumbled across Connotea.  As I look again this seems like a social bookmarking site for academic reference material.

Bookmarklets though have grabbed my interest for the time being.  I’ll post something on my experiments very soon.


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  1. Can’t wait to see the results of your bookmarklet experiments! Beware – I sense a little slippage in the cynicism level. Bookmarking is (too) easy; quality, not quantity, never rang truer.
    PS: Having been outed via Moose & Squirrel, I apologise to anyone who clicks through and stumbles across my embarrassingly non-valuable blog. It’s a novice’s experiment.

    Comment by Judy — September 15, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

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