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December 23, 2010

Quick and dirty UDP servers with wireshark

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I’m not suggesting wireshark is the right choice for production but if you need a udp server for a quick debugging session then this trick might just be worth tucking away for later.

If you need to perform a short data collection from  applications like syslog  or netflow that just pump out  udp packets then wireshark/tshark can work for you in a pinch.

Here’s the recipe for syslog.

tshark -i 2 -f "port 514" -T fields -e syslog

Using the -T fields switch allows us to specify which data to output with one or more  -e switches.  Since we have specified a protocol (syslog),  tshark prints multiple fields, in this case its the facility(LOCAL7),severity(NOTICE), and the remainder of the output below is the actual message.

Syslog message: LOCAL7.NOTICE: 27403: Dec 23 14:44:29: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by root on vty0 (

The people that wrote the dissectors in wireshark have done all the hard work of interpreting the binary fields for us.  It’s worth noting that there is no documentation (that I am aware of)  for the field names. I usually just capture a couple of packets and export them in PDML format.  You can then open that file in any text editor and determine the field names from the XML.


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